Bricks Node

Bricks node.

The Bricks node creates a brick like pattern.


Bricks 1, Bricks 2

Sets the color range of the bricks. Brick colors are chosen randomly between these two colors.


Sets the mortar color, in between the bricks.


Sets the thickness of the mortar.

Bias (смещение)

The bias of randomly chosen colors, between (-1 to 1). -1 Makes all bricks Color 1, and a value of 1 makes them all Color 2.

Brick Width (ширина кирпича)

Sets the horizontal size of all the bricks.

Row Height (высота ряда)

Sets the vertical size of all the bricks.


Offset (смещение)

The relative offset of the next row of bricks.

Frequency (частота)

Offset every N rows. The brick pattern offset repeats every N rows.


Scales the bricks in every N rows by this amount.

Frequency (частота)

Squash every N rows.



Standard color output.