Основная область

Объектный режим

The far left of the Outliner contains a region to toggle the current Object Mode. When an object is in a mode other than Object Mode, the mode icon will be displayed in this region. Any other objects that are valid to be added or swapped into the current mode display a dot. Clicking the dot icon will swap that object with the current active object. For modes that support Редактирование нескольких объектов, Ctrl-LMB on the dot icon will add that object to the current mode. Clicking the mode icon next to the active object removes it or all other objects from the current mode depending if multiple object are in the same mode.

Restriction Columns

The following toggles, in the right side of the Outliner editor, are available for collections, objects, bones, modifiers and constraints.

By default only the temporary viewport visibility is enabled. The other options can be enabled in the Restriction Toggles option in the Outliner filter.

  • Holding Shift sets or unsets the value to all its child collections or objects.

  • Holding Ctrl isolates the object or collection, so they are the only ones with its value set.

Enable Collection (checkbox, collection only)

Exclude the collection from the view layer.

Visibility (eye icon)

Toggles the visibility of the object or collection in the 3D Viewport. This is a file-local setting, and does not get imported when this data-block is linked into another blend-file. Objects hidden this way are still part of the View Layer and evaluated, so they still affect playback performance.


The following options are hidden by default and need to be enabled in the Outliner Filter before they can be used.

Selectability (mouse cursor icon)

Переключает возможность выбора объектов в 3D-вьюпорте. Это полезно, если вы поместили что-то в сцену и не хотите случайно выбрать это при работе над чем-то другим.

Global Viewport Visibility (screen icon)

This will still render the object/collection, but it will be ignored by all the viewports. Often used for collections with high-poly objects that need to be instanced in other files. Objects hidden this way are no longer part of the View Layer, are not evaluated, and such do not negatively affect playback performance.

Rendering (camera icon)

This will still keep the object visible in the scene, but it will be ignored by the renderer. Usually used by support objects that help modeling and animation yet do not belong in the final images.

Holdout (collection only)

Mask out objects in collection from view layer.

Indirect Only (collection only)

Objects in these collections only contribute to indirect light – Cycles only.