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Method to determine the maximum number of CPU cores to use while rendering.


Automatically chooses the amount of threads to match the number of logical processors on your computer.


Manually choose the maximum number threads to use for rendering. This can be useful for example, if you want to use your computer while rendering, you can set the property to a thread count lower the amount of logical processors on your computer.


The maximum number of CPU cores to use simultaneously while rendering.


Use Tiling

Render high resolution images in tiles to reduce memory usage. Tiles are cached to disk while rendering to save memory.

Tile Size

This value is used to control the size of the tile used for rendering; decreasing the size reduces memory usage.


In some cases changing the Tile Size can result in increased performance. For example when a small object renders slowly compared to other objects, using a small Tiles Size can lead to an increase in performance.

Структура ускорения

Простр. разбивка

Spatial splits improve the rendering performance in scenes with a mix of large and small polygons. The downsides are longer BVH build times and slightly increased memory usage.

Use Hair BVH (Включить BVH волос)

Использовать специальный тип BVH, оптимизированный для визуализации волос. Ограничительные рамки волос не выравниваются по осям координат, что позволяет разбивать пространство ближе к реальной геометрии волос. Отключение этого параметра приведёт к сокращению расхода памяти за счёт увеличения времени визуализации волос.

BVH Time Steps

Split BVH primitives by this number of time steps to speed up render time at the expense of memory.

Итоговая визуализация

Persistent Data

Keep render data in memory after rendering for faster re-renders and animation renders at the cost of extra memory usage while performing other tasks in Blender.

When using multiple View Layers, only data from a single view layer is preserved to keep memory usage within bounds; however, objects shared between view layers are preserved.

Область просмотра

Размер пикселя

Option to control the resolution for viewport rendering. Allows you to speed up viewport rendering, which is especially useful for displays with high DPI.