Join Geometry Node

The Join Geometry node merges separately generated pieces of geometry into a single one. If the geometry inputs contain different types of data, the output will also contain different data types.


The Join Geometry node.


The node cannot handle the case when more than one geometry input has a volume component.


When multiple mesh inputs contain different materials, the material slots from each mesh geometry are merged so that the output mesh will contain all the input materials.


When merging attributes from multiple geometry inputs, the highest complexity data type is chosen for the output attribute. In other words, if a weight attribute has a Boolean type on one geometry input and a vector data type on another geometry, the weight attribute on the output geometry will have a vector data type. The same heuristic is used for attribute domains, the domain with the most information will be used for the output.



Pieces of geometry that will be joined. Multiple inputs are allowed. When the node is muted, only the first link will be passed through.


Этот узел не содержит свойств.



Standard geometry output.