Узел Displace

Узел Displace.

The Displace Node displaces the pixel position based on an input vector.

This node could be used to model phenomena, like hot air distortion, refractions of uneven glass or for surreal video effects.


Изображение (image)

Стандартный ввод цвета.


Input of the displacement map. If the a color output is implicitly converted in the vector input, the first channel (red) value determines displacement along X axis. The second channel (green) the displacement along Y axis. If the input is a grayscale image, where both the channel values are equal, the input image will be displaced equally in both X and Y directions.

Scale X, Y

Separate scaling of the vector input in X and Y direction. Acting as multipliers by increasing or decreasing the strength of the displacement along their respective axes.


Эта нода не содержит свойств.


Изображение (image)

Стандартный вывод цвета.