Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as Grease Pencil

This format is use for interchanging vector based illustrations between applications and is supported by vector graphics editors such as Inkscape, and modern browsers among others.


The exporter only works in Object Mode.

Импортировать (Import)


Разрешение (resolution)

Resolution for generated strokes.

Масштаб (scale)

Масштаб сгенерированных штрихов.

Экспортировать (Export)


Объект (object)

Determine which objects include in the export.

Активная (active):

Export only the active Grease Pencil object.


Export all selected Grease Pencil objects.


Export all visible Grease Pencil object in the scene.

Сэмплинг (sampling)

Precision for the stroke sampling. Low values mean a more accurate result.

Fill (Заполнение)

When enabled, Export the Grease Pencil strokes fill.


When enabled, Export strokes with constant thickness.

Clip Camera

When enabled, and camera view is active export only the strokes clipped from camera view.