Hue/Saturation/Value Node

Нода «Оттенок/Насыщенность/Величина» (Hue/Saturation/Value).

The Hue/Saturation/Value Node applies a color transformation in the HSV Color Model.


Фактор (factor)

The amount of influence the node exerts on the image.


Standard color input.


The hue rotation offset, from 0 (-180°) to 1 (+180°). Note that 0 and 1 have the same result.


A value of 0 removes color from the image, making it black-and-white. A value greater than 1.0 increases saturation.

Value (значение)

The value shift. 0 makes the color black, 1 keeps it the same, and higher values make it brighter.



Standard color output.

Советы по использованию узла «Тон/насыщенность»

Чтобы использовать этот узел на всю катушку, полезно помнить о некоторых вещах:

Hues are laid out on a circle

If you apply a Hue offset of 1 (+180°) to a blue image, you get the diametrically opposite color, which is yellow. If you apply a Hue offset of 1 to that yellow image, you get blue again.

Grayscale images have no hue

Trying to change the Hue or Saturation of a grayscale image has no effect. You can only brighten or darken it by adjusting the Value. To add color, use the Mix node instead.

Изменение эффекта с течением времени

The different values can be animated using a Time Curve node or by setting keyframes.

Пример использования узла «Тон/насыщенность»


Базовый пример.


An example of using the Factor input for masking.