Blur Node

Нода "Размытие" (Blur Node).

The Blur node blurs an image, providing several blur modes.


Изображение (image)

Стандартный ввод цвета.

Размер (size)

The optional Size input will be multiplied with the X and Y blur radius values. It also accepts a value image, to control the blur radius with a mask. The values should be mapped between (0 to 1) for an optimal effect.


Тип (type)

The difference between the types is in the way they handle sharp edges, smooth gradients and preserve the highs and the lows.

Плоский (flat):

Simply blurs everything uniformly.


Preserves the high and the lows better by making a linear falloff.

Quadratic (квадратично):

Looks similar to Gaussian but can be a little faster but slightly worse looking.

Кубическая (cubic):

Preserve the highs, but give an almost out-of-focus blur while smoothing sharp edges.


Gives the best looking results but tends to be the slowest.

Fast Gaussian:

An approximation of the Gaussian.


Catmull-Rom keeps sharp contrast edges crisp.


Preserve the highs, but give an almost out-of-focus blur while smoothing sharp edges.

Variable Size

Allows a variable blur radius, if the size input is an image.


The Bokeh button will force the Blur node to use a circular blur filter. This gives higher quality results, but is slower than using a normal filter.


The Gamma button applies a gamma correction on the image before blurring it.


Percentage Value of the blur radius relative to the image size.

Коррекция аспектов

None, Y, X

X, Y

Values set the ellipsoid radius in numbers of pixels over which to spread the blur effect.

Extend Bounds

Allows the image, that is being blurred, to extend past its original dimension.


Изображение (image)

Стандартный вывод цвета.


Blur node blur modes using 20% of image size as XY, no Bokeh/Gamma.

Original image.


Плоский (Flat).




Квадратичный (Quadratic).




Гауссова (Gaussian).


Бысрая Гауссова (Fast Gaussian).