Метаданные (metadata)


Metadata panel.

The Metadata panel includes options for writing metadata into render output.


Only some image formats support metadata: See image formats.

Metadata Input

Where to grab metadata from.

Сцена (scene):

Use metadata from the current scene.

Sequencer Strips:

Use metadata from the strips in the Sequencer.

Date (дата)

Includes the current date and time.

Время (time)

Includes the current scene time and render frame at HH:MM:SS.FF.

Render Time

Includes the render time.


Includes the frame number.

Frame Range

Includes the start and end frame numbers.


Includes the peak memory usage.


Includes the rendering machine’s hostname.

Камера (camera)

Includes the name of the active camera.

Объектив (lens)

Includes the name of the active camera’s lens value.

Сцена (scene)

Includes the name of the active scene.


Includes the name of the last marker.


Includes the filename of the blend-file.

Strip Name

Includes the name of the foreground sequence strip.


Includes a custom note.


It can be useful to use the Note field if you are setting up a render farm. Since you can script any information you like into it, such as an identifier for the render node or the job number. For details on stamping arbitrary values, see: this page.

Burn into Image

Add metadata as text to the render.

Font Size

Set the size of the text.

Text Color

Set the color and alpha of the stamp text.

Фон (background)

Set the color and alpha of the color behind the text.

Include Labels

Displays the labels before the metadata text. For example, «Camera» in front of the camera name, etc.