Glow Visual Effect#

The Glow Visual Effect add a glowing rim around the object.



Glow Visual Effect.#


Determines the mode for the glow effect.

Luminance (Яркость):

The glow light illuminates the entire object.


The glow light only affect a single color.

Select Color

Allows to select a single color to apply the glow light.


Limits the colors affected by the glow light. (A value of 1 means no colors affected.)

Glow Color

Defines the glow color.

Режим смешивания

The mask blending operation to perform. See Color Blend Modes.

Opacity (непрозрачность)

Control the Opacity of the glow over the object.

Size X, Y

Control the glow scale in pixels on the X and Y axis.


Control the Rotation of the glow.


Number of Blur samples (0 disabled the blur effect).

Glow Under

When enabled, glow only affects alpha areas.


Glow Effect samples.#

Original image.#


Mode: Luminance.#


Mode: Luminance (Glow Under).#


Mode: Color (Black lines).#