Text Editor

This editor can be used to write Python scripts, Open Shading Language scripts, or just plaintext notes. To open it, you can switch to the Scripting workspace or press Shift-F11 to replace the current editor.

Основной вид

Typing on the keyboard produces text in the text buffer.

As usual, pressing, dragging and releasing LMB selects text. Pressing RMB opens the context menu.


The Text editor is also handy when you want to share your blend-file with others: you can leave a note that explains how the file is structured. Be sure to keep the editor visible when saving so they’ll see it!


Running Scripts

The most notable keystroke is Alt-P which executes the current text as a Python script. You can access not just the standard Python modules, but also a whole bunch of Blender-specific ones; see Скриптинг и расширения Blender.