Секвенсор и предварительный просмотр (sequencer & preview)

Этот тип визуализации показывает как предварительный просмотр, так и секвенсор внутри одного редактора.


Figure 1: Combined Sequencer & Preview

In general, it’s better to avoid this view type and instead have two editors, one serving as the Preview and the other as the Sequencer. Reasons for this include:

  • Most of the Preview tools, such as Move and Rotate, are not available in Sequencer & Preview.

  • You can’t add a small editor (such as a File Browser) on the side that only takes up the height of the preview.

  • You can’t maximize the preview on another screen.

One way of getting two separate editors is to simply open the default Video Editing workspace. (You may need to click the «+» icon to the right of the tabs to find it.)