Weld Modifier

The Weld modifier looks for groups of vertices within a threshold and merges them, collapsing the surrounding geometry.



The Weld modifier.


Method for choosing which vertices are merged.

Все (all):

Merge includes all geometry including loose parts.


Merge only includes attached geometry i.e. the modifier will not merge loose parts together.

Расстояние (distance)

Maximum distance that the vertices must have each other to be merged.

Only Loose Edges Connected Mode

Only collapse short edges which are not adjacent to any face. This is useful for example to stitch the seams used in cloth simulations.

Группа вершин (vertex group)

When the Vertex Group option is selected, only vertices with weight above zero will be affected by the modifier.

Переставить <->

Inverts the influence of the selected vertex group, meaning that the group now represents vertices that will not be merged by the modifier.

Эта настройка меняет значения веса группы на противоположные.