Installing on Windows

Check the Downloading Blender page to find the minimum requirements and where to get Blender (if you have not done so yet).

Download the zip-file or Windows Installer File.

Install from Windows Installer File

The Windows installer when run will let you choose where to place Blender and configure Windows to have an entry to the start menu and to open blend-files with Blender. Administrator rights are needed to install Blender on your system.

Install from Zip

When choosing the zip-file you have to manually extract Blender to the desired folder, where you can double-click the executable to run Blender.

В данном случае некому помещать ярлык Blender’а в меню «Пуск», поскольку нет программы установки, но при этом также не требуются права администратора. При использовании данного варианта можно иметь несколько версий Blender’а на одном компьютере, при этом конфликтов между версиями не возникнет, поскольку на самом деле они не будут установлены в системе.

Однако, если вы хотите зарегистрировать определённую версию в системе, просто запустите Blender из командной строки с ключом -r: blender -r.


How to Make a Portable Installation

To keep all configuration files and installed add-ons in the executable folder, create a folder named config in the LOCAL directory of the unzipped folder.

Install from Microsoft Store

Blender can be installed from the Microsoft Store by searching for Blender in the Microsoft Store and installing it.

Blender can now be launched from the Windows Start menu.

Updating on Windows

On Windows there are various ways of updating Blender. This section covers the most common approaches.

Updating from Windows Installer File

When an update for Blender is released, it can be downloaded directly from the Blender website. The Windows installer can then be run to install the updated version of Blender. To remove a previously installed version of Blender, use Windows settings or control panel to uninstall the desired version.

Updating from Zip

When an update for Blender is released, it can be downloaded directly from the Blender website and extracted to the desired folder, where you can double click the executable to run Blender. For more information on creating a portable version of Blender, see the section Install from Zip.

Updating from the Microsoft Store

When an update for Blender is available on the Microsoft Store, it will be downloaded and installed automatically.


The Splash screen Defaults page for information about import settings from previous Blender versions and on other quick settings.