Lattice Modifier

The Lattice modifier deforms the base object according to the shape of a Lattice object.


A Lattice Modifier can quickly be added to selected objects by selecting them all, then selecting the lattice object last and pressing Ctrl-P and choosing Lattice Deform. This will both add Lattice Modifiers to the selected objects and parent them to the lattice.


This documentation refers to the Lattice Modifier specific to the Grease Pencil object. For uses with other object types refer to the general Lattice Modifier.



Lattice Modifier.

Object (объект)

The Lattice object with which to deform the base object.

Vertex Group (группа вершин)

Restricts the effect only to a vertex group.

Strength (сила)

A factor to control blending between original and deformed points positions.


See Influence Filters.


Lattice modifier example.

Original model.


After lattice edition.