Нода Store Named Attribute (сохранение названного атрибута)

Store Named Attribute node.

The Store Named Attribute node stores the result of a field on a geometry as an attribute with the specified name. If the attribute already exists, the data type and domain will be updated to the values chosen in the node. However, keep in mind that the domain and data type of Встроенные атрибуты cannot be changed.

Compared with the Узел Capture Attribute, this node basically does the same thing, but the attribute gets a name instead of an anonymous reference. For reusing the data in the same node tree, the Capture Attribute node might be preferable since it does not create the chance for name conflicts in the input geometry.


If the input geometry contains multiple geometry component types, the attribute will be created on each component that has the chosen domain.


Геометрия (geometry)

Стандартный вход геометрии.


A boolean field input for each element indicating whether to store the attribute value for the given index. If the attribute does not exist, unselected parts are filled with zero values; otherwise, only the selected parts are filled.

Value (значение)

The input field to evaluate.


The name to give the stored data.


Тип данных

The data type used for the evaluated data.

Домен (domain)

Which attribute domain to store the evaluated data on.


Геометрия (geometry)

Стандартный выход геометрии.