Symmetry (Симметрия)



Режим скульптинга (sculpt mode)

Инструмент (tool):

Toolbar ‣ Tool ‣ Symmetry

Зеркало (mirror)

Mirror the brush strokes across the selected local axes. Note that if you want to alter the directions the axes point in, you must rotate the model in Edit Mode and not in Object Mode.


These three buttons allow you to block any modification/deformation of your model along selected local axes, while you are sculpting it.


Using this option allows you to seamlessly tile your strokes along the given axes. This allows to create repeating patterns.


Reduces the strength of the stroke where it overlaps the planes of symmetry.

Radial X, Y, Z

These settings allow for radial symmetry in the desired axes. The number determines how many times the stroke will be repeated within 360 degrees around the central axes.

Tile Offset X, Y, Z

The offset allows the option to alter the tile size along all three axes. The default tile size is set to one unit.



Determines which direction the model will be symmetrized.

Merge Distance

A parameter of the Symmetrize operator to control the distance within which symmetrical vertices are merged.


Uses direction orientation to symmetrize. Since Dyntopo adds details dynamically it may happen that the model becomes asymmetric, so this a good tool for that.