Hair Dynamics


Panneau:Particle System ‣ Hair Dynamics

Hair particles can have dynamic properties using physics. To enable hair physics, click the checkbox beside Hair Dynamics.

Quality Steps
Quality of the simulation in steps per frame (higher is better quality but slower).
Pin Goal Strength
Spring stiffness of the vertex target position.


Si vous utilisez le flou de mouvement dans votre animation, il vous sera nécessaire de précalculer une trame supplémentaire après la dernière trame dont vous ferez le rendu.



Panneau:Particle System ‣ Hair Dynamics ‣ Structure
Value for the mass of the hair.

Controls the bending stiffness of the hair strands.

Random stiffness of hair.
Damping of bending motion.



Panneau:Particle System ‣ Hair Dynamics ‣ Volume

Some phenomena of real-world hair can be simulated more efficiently using a volumetric model instead of the basic geometric strand model. This means constructing a regular grid such as those used in fluid simulations and interpolating hair properties between the grid cells.

Air Drag
Controls how thick the air is around the hair causing the hair to flow slower.
Internal Friction
Niveau de friction entre chaque brin de cheveu.
Voxel Grid Cell Size
Size of the voxel grid cells for interaction effects.
Density Target
Densité maximale des cheveux.
Density Strength
L’influence qu’a la Density Target sur la simulation.