Scène de démarrage

After closing the splash, the startup scene is displayed in the 3D View if no other blend-file was loaded. A customized startup scene can be saved as a part of the startup file.


La scène de démarrage.



The gray cube in the center of the scene is a mesh object. Because the cube is selected it is displayed with an orange outline.

Origine de l’objet
The Origin of the object is displayed as an orange dot and it marks the cube’s (relative) position.
The circles with a thin line to the bottom is a light source illuminating the cube. Lights in: General Settings.
The pyramid with a big triangle pointing upward is the camera used as point of view for rendering. See also: cameras in Cycles.
Curseur 3D
Le Curseur 3D, une croix avec un cercle rouge et blanc, est utilisé pour placer des objets dans la scène.
Sol grillagé
The gray squares forming a floor mark the zero height of the world. The red and green lines are the axis of the world coordinate system. They meet at the origin, which is also the position of the Cube. The Grid Floor settings are in the Viewport Overlay.

Text Info

The visibility and settings of the overlays can be set in the Viewport Overlay.

Nom de la Vue
If the viewport camera is not aligned, the view is named « User » plus the perspective of the viewport camera.
Playback FPS
Affiche à l’écran la fréquence de trames par seconde (FPS = Frames Per Second), lors de la lecture d’une animation.
Object Info
Shown in brackets is the current frame. Followed by the path of the active object. And optionally the selected shape key and in brackets (<>) the Marqueurs name on the current frame. The color of the Object Info is set by the Couleurs d’état (keyframe only).