Mode Sculpture


Toolbar ‣ Paint

Paints on the active color attribute. Hold Shift to blur painted colors instead.


More information in the Painting Introduction.

Paramètres des brosses



This settings has a different effect on this brush. Instead of defining the strength of each individual step in the stroke, it determines the overall Opacity of the applied color.

Use the Flow setting instead for faster increasing of strength.


More info at Général brush settings and on Avancé brush settings.



Amount of paint that is applied per stroke sample. Used to create fast/slow accumulation effect.

Wet Mix

Amount of paint that is picked from the surface into the brush color. Can achieve the effect of a wet canvas.

Wet Persistence

Quantité de peinture humide (aquarelle) qui reste dans le pinceau après l’application de peinture sur la surface.

Wet Paint Radius

Rapport entre le rayon de la brosse et le rayon qui va être utilisé pour échantillonner la couleur pour mélanger dans la peinture détrempée (aquarelle).


Amount of random elements that are going to be affected by this brush. Use this for a more detailed airbrush effect. This works best on a high resolution.

Tip Scale X

Scale of the brush tip in the X axis. This is useful for a achieving a painting stroke like a marker or paint roller.