Mode Sculpture


Toolbar ‣ Pose

Deform a model simulating armature-like workflow. This can either be useful for posing a model without a rig, adjusting the proportions of a mesh or other fast deformations.

The brush will automatically determine an origin point, indicated with a while line on the brush cursor.

If the Deformation Target is changed, the brush can also be used for cloth sculpting.

Paramètres des brosses


Only Radius and Auto-Masking has an impact on the brush behavior for this brush.


More info at Général brush settings and on Avancé brush settings.



Type de déformation utilisé par la brosse.


Rotates the mesh around the pose origin. When pressing Ctrl, the brush applies a twist rotation instead (and disables any IK segments that are used).


Scale the mesh based on the pose origin. While holding Ctrl the brush moves the mesh.


Works similar to Scale/Translate however, it applies different scale values along different axes to achieve the stretching effect.

Rotation Origins

Method to set the rotation origin for the pose origin or individual IK segments.

Topology (Topologie)

Sets the rotation origin automatically using the topology and shape of the mesh.

Face Sets

Creates a pose segment per Face Set, starting from the active face set. This can lead to the most accurate and desirable results.

Face Sets FK

Simule une déformation de Forward Kinematics en utilisant le jeu de faces sous le curseur comme contrôle.

Pose Origin Offset

Décalage de l’origine de la pose par rapport au rayon de la brosse. Ceci est utile pour manipuler des zones ayant beaucoup de formes complexes comme les doigts.

Smooth Iterations

Contrôle la fluidité de la chute de la déformation.

Pose IK Segments

Controls how many IK segments are going to be created for posing. This can be seen by a divided white line on the cursor. This is also useful for making curved deformations with the pose brush, like hair clumps and tails.

Lock Rotation when Scaling

Lorsque vous utilisez Scale/Translate Deformation, ne faites pas pivoter le segment; seule la mise à l’échelle est appliquée.

Keep Anchor Point

Keeps the position of the last segment in the IK chain fixed. If this is disabled, the mesh can be dragged around more freely, creating snake like shapes.

Connected Only

The brush will only affect topologically connected elements. Disabling this will allow deforming multiple disconnected meshes at the same time, for example characters with clothing & shoes.

Disabling this setting can have a big impact on performance, as neighboring elements will be merged internally. Keeping the Max Element Distance as low as possible will help counteract the performance impact.

Max Element Distance

Distance maximale pour la recherche de pièces détachées déconnectées dans le maillage.