Інсталювання Blender’а – Installing Blender

Blender is released approximately every three months. You can keep up to date with the latest changes through the release notes.

System Requirements

Blender is available for download on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Always check that the graphics drivers are up to date and that OpenGL is well supported. Blender has a set of minimum and recommended requirements; so make sure these are met before trying to install Blender.

Підтримка для іншого устаткування, такого як графічні планшети та 3D миша, розглядаються пізніше у Configuring Hardware.

Завантаження Blender’а – Download Blender

Blender offers a variety of different binary packages to choose from depending on their level of stability. Each package has the trade off of newest feature versus stability. The package that is right for you depends on your requirements for those two. A studio for example might want to have long-term support, while a hobbyist may want newer features, while others may just want to test upcoming features. Each package described below has something just right for everyone.

Stable Release

A package that contains the latest features and is considered stable without regressions. A new stable version is available about every three months.

Long-term Support

A package designed for long-lasting projects requiring a very stable version of Blender. LTS releases are supported for two years and will not have any new features, API changes or improvements. A new long-term support version is available every year.

Daily Builds

A package updated daily to include the newest changes in development. These versions are not as thoroughly tested as the stable release, and might break, although they are official and usually not highly experimental.


Blender’s source code is available for free to either reference or to Build from Source. While normal users are not expected to compile Blender, it does have advantages:

  • Blender є завжди в актуальному стані.

  • Воно дозволяє мати доступ до будь-якої версії або гілки, де певна функція розробляється.

  • Воно може бути вільно кастомізоване.

The procedure for installing a binary, either the latest stable release or a daily build, is the same. Follow the steps for your platform.


Blender doesn’t have a built-in updating system. This means you will need to update Blender yourself by following the upgrade steps described in the sections below.

Installation Guides