Trim Curve Node#

Trim Curve node.

The Trim Curve node shortens each spline in the curve by removing sections at the start and end of each spline.

Bézier splines will still be Bézier splines in the output, with the first and last control point and its handles moved as necessary to preserve the shape. NURBS splines will be transformed into poly splines in order to be trimmed.


Currently the Trim Curve node does not support cyclic splines.


Since curve normals are calculated the final curve, this node may change the resulting normals when the Minimum twist method is used, since the Minimum method considers the entire length of the curve to decide the final normals. In some cases the Capture Attribute Node could be used to avoid this, by saving the original normals to be used later.

Inputs – Уводи#

Curve – Крива

Standard geometry input with a curve component.

Selection – Вибрання

A boolean field input for each curve indicating whether it is trimmed or not.

Start – Старт

The factor or length used to determine where to start each output spline.


If the Start input is larger than the End, then the resulting spline will have a single point, located at the sample location of the Start value.

Кінець – End

The factor or length used to determine where to end each output spline.

Properties – Властивості#

Mode – Режим

How to find endpoint positions for the trimmed spline.

Factor – Фактор:

Find the endpoint positions using a factor of each spline’s length. The input values should be between 0 or 1.

Довжина – Length:

Find the endpoint positions using a length from the start of each spline. The input values should be between 0 and the length of the splines.

Outputs – Виводи#

Curve – Крива

Standard geometry output.