Selecting – Вибирання#

Hair curves, while similar to regular curves are a bit different and have their own selection tools. Many of these match their regular curve tools but are implemented differently All hair curve selection operators are documented below for completeness.

These selection operators work in both Sculpt and Edit modes.

Режими Вибрання – Selection Modes#

Reference – Довідка

Mode – Режим:

Edit Mode – Режим Редагування

Menu – Меню:

3D Viewport Header ‣ Select Mode

Shortcut – Шоткат:

1, 2

Note, this is only supported for «Hair Curves».

Selection modes limits selection operators to certain curve domains. This feature is makes it easy to select whole segments at once, or to give more granular control over editing.

Керувальні Точки – Control Points:

Allows selection of individual control points.

Curve – Крива:

Limits selection to whole curve segments.

Operators – Оператори#

All – Усе

Select all control points or curves.

None – Нема

Deselect all control points or curves.

Invert – Інверт

Invert the selection.

Random – Випадково

Randomizes inside the existing selection or create new random selection if nothing is selected already.


Select endpoints of curves. Only supported in the Control Point selection mode.

Виростання – Grow

Select points or curves which are close to already selected elements.