Introduction – Вступ

The Graph Editor lets you edit animation curves, which determine how properties change over time.


Graph Editor – Редактор Графів.

Main Region – Головний Регіон

The curve view allows you to view and edit F-Curves. An F-Curve has several key parts:

Curve – Крива

The curve describes how the value of a property (Y axis) evolves over time (X axis).


Keyframes are user-defined values on certain frames and are represented by little black discs that become orange when selected. The values on the other frames are calculated automatically by interpolating between these keyframes.


Each keyframe has two handles – points that can be dragged around to influence the shape of the curve around it.


A simple curve. The discs are keyframes, and the circles are their handles.

Дивись також

Дивіться F-Curves для отримання додаткової інформації.

Playhead & 2D Cursor – Позиція Грання та 2D Курсор


2D Курсор Редактора Графів.

The current frame is represented by a vertical blue line called the Playhead. As in the Timeline, you can move it by clicking or dragging with LMB in the scrubbing area at the top.

Combined with the horizontal blue line, the Playhead forms the 2D Cursor which can be used as a pivot point for rotating and scaling. You can disable the horizontal line using View ‣ Show Cursor or Sidebar ‣ View ‣ Show Cursor.

The 2D Cursor can be moved by clicking or dragging with Shift-RMB or by adjusting its coordinates in the View tab of the Sidebar.