Overlays – Наклади#


The Overlays pop-over.#

In the header, there is a button to turn off all overlays for the UV Editor. This option also toggles the visibility of UDIM tile information.

The drop-down button opens a pop-over with more detailed settings. The following categories are available:

Guides – Напрямники#

Grid – Сітка

Show the grid.

Over Image

Show the grid on top of the image rather than behind it.

Grid Shape Source

How the row and column counts are determined.

Динамічно – Dynamic:

The grid starts at 8×8 cells that are automatically subdivided further as you zoom in.

Fixed – Фіксовано:

The row and column counts are fixed and can be configured manually.

Pixel – Піксель:

Each grid cell matches one image pixel.

Fixed Subdivisions X, Y

Number of columns/rows in the grid.

Tiles X, Y

The number of UDIM tile grids to display in each cardinal direction.

Редагування UV – UV Editing#

Display Stretch

Show how much of a shape difference there is between UV space and 3D space. Blue means low distortion, red means high. You can choose whether to display the distortion based on Angle or Area.

Geometry – Геометрія#

UV Opacity

Opacity of edges and faces.

Display As – Показ Як

Control how edges are shown.

Обрис – Outline:

Display edges in gray with a black outline.

Пунктир – Dash:

Display edges as dashed black-gray lines.

Чорне – Black:

Display edges in black.

Біле – White:

Display edges in white.

Modified Edges

Additionally show the edges as they look after applying modifiers (in gray).

Faces – Грані

Показуються грані поверх зображення.

Image – Зображення#

Show Metadata – Показ Метаданих

Display metadata about the selected Render Result. See the Output tab’s Metadata – Метадані panel to change what metadata to include.