Hair Curves Noise#

Deforms hair curves using a noise texture.

Inputs – Уводи#


Cumulative Offset

Apply offset cumulatively (previous points affect points after).

Factor – Фактор

Overall factor for the deformation.

Distance – Відстань

Overall distance factor for the deformation.

Shape – Форма

Shape of amount along each curve (0=constant, 0.5=linear).

Scale – Масштаб

Scale of the noise texture by root position.

Scale along Curve

Scale of noise texture along each Curve.

Offset per Curve

Random offset of noise texture for each Curve.

Базис – Seed

Seed value for randomization.

Preserve Length

Preserve the length of the Curves on a segment basis.

Properties – Властивості#

Цей вузол наразі немає властивостей.

Outputs – Виводи#


Offset Vector