Dot Dash Modifier

The Dot Dash modifier generates dot dash segments from the original stroke.

Options – Опції


The Dot Dash modifier.

Offset – Зсув

Determines the starting offset of the pattern.

Segment – Сегмент

Makes up individual stroke of a dot dash pattern.

Use the plus/minus button on the side of the list to add/remove segments.

Пунктир – Dash

The number of consecutive points from the original stroke to include in this segment.

Gap – Проміжок

The number of points skipped after the segment ends.

Radius – Радіус

The factor to apply to the original point’s radius for the new points.

Opacity – Безпрозорість

The factor to apply to the original point’s opacity for the new points.

Індекс Матеріалу – Material Index

Use this index on generated segment, use -1 for existing material.

Use Cyclic

Close the segment.

Фільтри Впливу – Influence Filters

Дивіться Фільтри Впливу – Influence Filters.