Fill Curve Node

Fill Curve node.

The Fill Curve node generates a mesh using the constrained Delaunay triangulation algorithm with the curves as boundaries. The mesh is only generated flat with a local Z of 0.

Inputs – Уводи

Curve – Крива

Standard geometry input with a curve component.

Properties – Властивості

Mode – Режим

The type of geometry the output consists of.


The output is made up of triangles.

N-бічники – N-gons:

The output is made up of n-gons.

Outputs – Виводи

Mesh – Сіть

The filled in curves.

Examples – Приклади

A single point spline can be used to customize the triangulation of the resulting mesh.


Here a curve object with a single spline with a single point at the origin is joined with the star primitive to customize triangulation.


This is the default triangulation without the single point.