Bézier Segment Node#

Bézier Segment Node.

The Bézier Segment node generates a 2D Bézier spline from the given control points and handles.

Inputs – Уводи#

Роздільність – Resolution

The number of edges on the curve.

Start – Старт, End – Кінець

Positions of the start and end control point of the curve.

Start Handle, End Handle

Positions of the handles used to define the shape of the curve.

Properties – Властивості#

Mode – Режим
Position – Позиція:

The handle inputs are the absolute positions of the handles in 3D space.

Offset – Зсув:

The handle positions are relative to the control point on the curve. The handle inputs give the offset from the control points.

Outputs – Виводи#

Curve – Крива

Bézier spline generated from the inputs.