Envelope Modifier – Модифікатор «Оболонка»

The Envelope modifier creates a shape known as envelope over the existing strokes connecting all the points that have n points between them.

Options – Опції


The Envelope modifier.

Mode – Режим
Deform – Деформа:

Replaces the original stroke with the envelope shape.

Segments – Сегменти:

Add segments to create the envelope shape keeping the original stroke.

Fill – Заповнення:

Add segments to create the envelope without the original stroke.

Spread Length

The number of points to skip when creating the straight segments that define the envelope.

Thickness – Товщина

The thickness of the generated stroke segments.

Strength – Сила

The Opacity of the generated stroke segments.

Індекс Матеріалу – Material Index

Defines the material to use on the generated stroke segments.

Skip Segments

The Number of generated stroke segments to skip to reduce complexity.

Фільтри Впливу – Influence Filters

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