Selecting – Вибирання#

Box Select – Вибір Коробкою

Drag with LMB to box-select multiple nodes. Alternatively, B starts the bounding box selection process as well.

Lasso Select – Вибір Ласо

Drag with Ctrl-Alt-LMB to perform a lasso selection. Note that this is different from the Ctrl-RMB used in other editors.

Select All A – Вибір Усе

Select all nodes.

Deselect All Alt-A – Зневибір Усе

Deselect all nodes.

Invert Ctrl-I – Інверт

Invert the selection.

Select Linked From L

Expand the selection to nodes which are linked to the inputs of the currently selected nodes.

Select Linked To Shift-L

Expand the selection to nodes which are linked to the outputs of the currently selected nodes.

Вибрати Груповане – Select Grouped Shift-G

Selects nodes that have similar properties as the active node.

Type – Тип

The node type, e.g. all Math nodes.

Color – Колір

The node color. (Nodes can be given a custom color to visually organize them in the editor; this is not related to any color information they might consume or produce as part of their function. The color can be set in the Sidebar.)

Префікс – Prefix, Суфікс – Suffix

Узгодження властивості імені з початком/кінцем тексту.

Активувати Попереднє/Наступне Цього Типу – Activate Same Type Previous/Next Shift-]/Shift-[

Finds the previous/next node of same type, activates it, and ensures it’s visible.

Знайти Вузол – Find Node Ctrl-F

Shows a search pop-up for finding a node by name.

Select Multiple Shift-LMB

Add/remove a node to/from the selection.