Introduction – Вступ

Vertex Painting is a simple way of painting color onto a Grease Pencil object, by directly manipulating the color of points/vertices, rather than use only the materials base color.


Stroke with original base material color (left) and with vertex painting (right).

When a point is painted, the color of the points is mixing with the base material color according to the settings of the brush.


A vertex in Grease Pencil is called point. Point and vertex names are equivalent.

Режим Малювання Вершин – Vertex Paint Mode

Vertex Paint Mode is selected from the Mode menu in the 3D Viewport header. Once Vertex Paint Mode is activated, the Toolbar of the 3D Viewport will change to Vertex Paint Mode specific panels.


3D Viewport Mode selector set to Vertex Paint Mode.

Vertex Paint Options


General Vertex Paint options.

Маска Вибранням – Selection Mask

Vertex Paint Mode in Grease Pencil allows you to select points or strokes to restrict the effect of the painting tools to only a certain areas of your drawing.

Ви можете використовувати засоби вибрання у засобосмузі Toolbar для швидких вибирань.

You can restrict painting only on the selected points or strokes with the Selection mode toggle.

Багатокадр – Multiframe

Sometimes you may need to modify several frames at the same time with the painting tools.

You can activate multiframe edition with the Multiframe button next to the modes selector (faded lines icon). See Multiframe for more information.