Scale Elements Node#

Scale Elements node.

The Scale Elements Node scales groups of connected edges and faces. When multiple selected faces/edges share the same vertices, they are scaled together. The center and scaling factor is averaged in this case.

Inputs – Уводи#

Mesh – Сіть

Standard geometry input.

Selection – Вибрання

Whether to scale each edge or face. True values mean the element will be scaled, false means it will be unaffected.

Scale – Масштаб

The factor used to scale elements or groups of elements.

Center – Центр

Origin of the scaling for each element. If multiple elements are connected, their center is averaged.

Axis Single Axis Mode Only

Axis in which to scale the element. This input is normalized internally, so the length does not matter.

Properties – Властивості#

Домен – Domain

The element type to transform.

Face – Обличчя:

Scale individual faces or neighboring face islands.

Edge – Край:

Scale individual edges or neighboring edge islands.

Scale Mode – Режим Масштабу
Uniform – Рівномірно:

Scale elements by the same factor in every direction.

Single Axis – Одинична Вісь:

Scale elements in a single direction defined by the Direction input.

Вивід – Output#

Mesh – Сіть

Standard geometry output.

Examples – Приклади#


The node is useful when combined with the Extrude Mesh Node, especially in Individual mode, where face islands don’t need to be scaled together.