Is Face Planar Node#

Is Face Planar Node.

The Is Face Planar node outputs whether every triangle of a quads or N-gons is on the same plane as all of the others, in other words, if they have the same normal.

For example, a non-planar face can be created by moving a single vertex in a face but not the others. Triangles will always be planar.

Inputs – Уводи#

Поріг – Threshold

The distance a point can be from the surface before the face is no longer considered planar.

Properties – Властивості#

Цей вузол наразі немає властивостей.

Outputs – Виводи#

Площинно – Planar

Whether each mesh face is planar.

Examples – Приклади#


Combined with the Set Material Node, this node is used to visualize all non-planar faces in a mesh.