Length Modifier

The Length modifier can shrink or extend strokes.

Options – Опції


The Length modifier.

Mode – Режим
Absolute – Абсолютно:

Length is in geometry space.

Relative – Відносно:

Length is in ratio to the stroke’s length.

Start – Старт

Added length to the start of the stroke. Negative value will shrink the stroke.

Кінець – End

Added length to the end of the stroke. Negative value will shrink the stroke.

Used Length

Define what portion of the stroke is used to calculate the direction of the extension.

Curvature – Кривина

When enabled, the extension will follow the curvature of the stroke.

Щільність Точок – Point Density

Multiplied by Start/End for the total point count.

Segment Influence

Factor to determine how much the length of the individual segments should influence the final computed curvature. Higher factors makes small segments influence the overall curvature less.

Filter Angle

Ignore points on the stroke that deviate from their neighbors by more than this angle when determining the extrapolation shape.

Invert – Інверт

Invert the curvature of the stroke’s extension.

Random Offsets

Random Offset Start/End

Size of random length added to the start/end of each stroke.

Random Noise Offset

Smoothly offset each stroke’s random value.

Базис – Seed

Number used to generate different noise patterns.

Randomize – Рандомізація

Re-randomizes values over time.

Step – Крок

Number of frames before recalculate random values again.

Фільтри Впливу – Influence Filters

Дивіться Фільтри Впливу – Influence Filters.