Pivot Point – Точка Опертя#

Reference – Довідка

Header – Заголовок:

pivot-icon Pivot Point – «Точка Опертя»

Shortcut – Шоткат:


The Pivot Point is the point around which images are rotated and scaled. It’s indicated by the position of the selected tool’s gizmo.

Дивись також

The Pivot Point – Точка Опертя of the 3D Viewport

Bounding Box Center – Центр Габаритної Коробки

Use the center of the rectangle that’s wrapped as tightly as possible around the selected images“ origin points.

Median Point – Серединна Точка

Use the averaged-out position of the selected images“ origin points.

2D Cursor – 2D Курсор

Use the location of the 2D Cursor, for when you want to specify the pivot point by hand.

Individual Origins – Індивідуальні Початки

Rotate/scale each image around its own origin, rather than rotating/scaling all of them around the same single point like the other options do.