Merge by Distance Node#

Merge by Distance node.

The Merge by Distance node merges selected mesh vertices or point cloud points within a given distance, merging surrounding geometry where necessary. This operation is similar to the Злити за Відстанню – Merge by Distance operator or the Модифікатор «Зварення» – Weld Modifier.

Inputs – Уводи#

Geometry – Геометрія

Standard geometry input.

Selection – Вибрання

Boolean field that is true for parts of the geometry to be deleted. Unselected points will be completely unused for the operation– they will not be merged into other points, and no points will merge into them either.


When possible, using the selection input can be a simple way to speed up the node, since searching for nearby points is a relatively expensive operation that gets even more expensive when more points are involved.

Distance – Відстань

The distance to use for searching for nearby points.

Properties – Властивості#

Mode – Режим

Method for choosing which vertices are merged.

All – Усе:

Merge includes all geometry including loose parts.

Connected – З’єднане:

Merge only includes attached geometry i.e. the modifier will not merge loose parts together.

Вивід – Output#

Geometry – Геометрія

Standard geometry output.

Examples – Приклади#


Using the selection input to only merge some of the points in a point cloud.#