Attribute Statistic Node

Attribute Statistic node.

The Attribute Statistic node evaluates a field on a geometry and outputs a statistic about the entire data set.

Inputs – Уводи

Geometry – Геометрія

Standard geometry input.

Selection – Вибрання

A boolean field input for each element indicating whether to include its value in the statistics result If the boolean is false, the corresponding value from the Attribute input will be ignored.

Атрибут – Attribute

The attribute field to query a statistic from.

Properties – Властивості

Тип Даних – Data Type

The output will be a single floating-point value.

Vector – Вектор:

The output will be a vector of three floating-point values. All calculations are elementwise.

Домен – Domain

The attribute domain used for the statistics and to evaluate the input Attribute field on.

Outputs – Виводи

Mean – Середнє

The average value of all data.

Median – Серединне

The median value of all data.


The sum value of all data.

Min – Мін

The min value of all data.

Max – Макс

The max value of all data.

Range – Діапазон

The difference between the max and min value.

Standard Deviation – Стандартне Відхилення

How much values differ from the mean. A low standard deviation indicates that the values are grouped tightly together at the mean. A high standard deviation indicates that the values are spread out over a large range.


The variance of all data, defined as the square of the standard deviation.