Offset Edge Slide#

Reference – Довідка

Mode – Режим:

Edit Mode – Режим Редагування

Menu – Меню:

Edge ‣ Offset Edge Slide

Shortcut – Шоткат:


Add two edge loops on either side of selected loops.

Cap Endpoint

Extends the loop by creating triangles at endpoints.

Factor – Фактор

Location of the loop relative to the center loop and the outside edge loops.

Рівно – Even

Only available for single edge loops. This matches the shape of the edge loop to one of the adjacent edge loops. (See Edge Slide tool for details.)

Flipped – Перевернуто

When Even is enabled, this flips the target edge loop to match. (See Edge Slide tool for details.)

Clamp – Затиск

Clamp within the edge extents.

Correct UVs

Correct UV coordinates when transforming.