Split To Instances Node#

Split to Instance node.

The Split to Instances node splits up geometry elements into Примірники, based on a Group ID.

Inputs – Уводи#

Geometry – Геометрія

Standard geometry input.

Selection – Вибрання

Boolean field that is true for parts of the geometry to be evaluated. Parts not in the selection will not be in the node’s output.

Group ID

ID field (integer) used to distinguish different groups.

Properties – Властивості#

Домен – Domain

The domain on which the selection and group ID fields are evaluated.

Вказування – Point:

The fields are evaluated on points, control points, and vertices.

Edge – Край:

The fields are evaluated on the edges of the mesh component.

Faces – Грані:

The fields are evaluated on the faces of the mesh component.

Сплайн – Spline:

The fields are evaluated on the splines in the curve component.


The fields are evaluated on the top-level instances. Realized instances are ignored.


When selecting a domain that doesn’t modify all components, the unmodified components will not be present in the output.

Вивід – Output#


input geometry splitted up as instances.

Group ID

ID field from the input Group ID

Examples – Приклади#


Here, a grid is split into instances based on a voronoi texture, then translated randomly in Z. Note that the GroupID field expects different integers values (0, 1, 2, 3…), not floats (0.1, 0.2, 0.3), which is why the color needs to be multiplied by 1000.#