Sampling – Відбір

EEVEE uses a process called Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) which reduces Aliasing. TAA is sample based so the more samples the more aliasing is reduced at the cost of performance.

Reference – Довідка

Panel – Панель:

«Рендер > Відбір» – Render ‣ Sampling

Viewport – Оглядвікно

Samples – Вибірки

The number of samples to use in the 3D Viewport. When setting this to zero the viewport will be resampled continuously.

Temporal Reprojection

Reduces noise while moving the viewport or during animation playback. Can leave some ghosting.

Jittered Shadows

Enable jittered shadows on the viewport. Jittered shadows are always enabled for final renders. This also affects shadows casted by transparent shadows.

Render – Рендер

Samples – Вибірки

Кількість вибірок для використання у фінальному рендері.

Shadows – Тіні


Number of rays to trace for each light. Higher values reduces the noise caused by random shadow sampling.

Steps – Кроки

Number of shadow map sample per shadow ray. Higher step count results in softer shadows but have a higher cost.

Тіні Об’ємних – Volumetric Shadows

Approximate light absorption of the surrounding volume objects. This makes the volumes more opaque to light. This is a very computationally expensive option and has limitations.

Steps – Кроки

Number of steps to compute volumetric shadowing.

Дивись також

Volume Limitations.

Роздільність – Resolution

Resolution percentage of shadow maps.

Advanced – Просунуто

Поріг Освітлення – Light Threshold

Minimum light intensity for a light to contribute to the lighting. Used to compute the distance at which to cut-off lights influence. Lower values improve performance.

Дивись також

Custom Distance overrides this setting.