Light Probe Sphere

A light probe sphere records the light incomming from many directions at a single location.

They are used for smooth and semi-rough reflections. Sphere probes smoothly blend to light probe volume lighting for completely diffuse reflections.

If Raytracing is turned on, they are used as a fallback if a ray misses.


In both usages, the light probe spheres are shadowed by light probe volume. This is done in order to reduce light leaking in shadowed areas and reduce the need to setup more light probe spheres.

Adjusting their resolution is done inside the Scene data panel.

The world also has an internal light probe sphere with a resolution that can be adjusted in the World data panel.

Properties – Властивості

Reference – Довідка

Panel – Панель:

«Дані Об’єкта > Проба» – Object Data ‣ Probe

Type – Тип

Shape of the influence volume. Can be set to Sphere or Box.

Radius – Радіус

A probe object only influences the lighting of nearby surfaces. This influence zone is defined by the size parameter and object scaling.

Falloff – Спад

Percentage of the influence distance in which the influence of a probe fades linearly.



In the viewport, capture only happens if an update is detected on the light probe data or position. For renders, the capture happens at the start of each frame.

Відсікання – Clipping

Визначаються ближня та дальня відстані відсіку при захоплюванні сцени.

Кастомний Паралакс – Custom Parallax

Reference – Довідка

Panel – Панель:

«Дані Об’єкта > Кастомний Паралакс» – Object Data ‣ Custom Parallax

By default, the influence volume is also the parallax volume. The parallax volume is a volume on which the recorded light is projected. It should roughly fit it surrounding area. In some cases it may be better to adjust the parallax volume without touching the influence parameters. In this case, enable the Custom Parallax and change the shape and radius of the parallax volume independently.

Viewport Display – Показ Оглядвікна

Data – Дані

Show the captured light using a reflective sphere of the given size.

Відсікання – Clipping

Show the clipping distance in the 3D Viewport.

Influence – Вплив

Show the influence bounds in the 3D Viewport. The inner sphere is where the falloff starts.

Паралакс – Parallax

Show the Custom Parallax shape in the 3D Viewport.