Subdivision Surface Node#

Subdivision Surface Node.

The Subdivision Surface node adds new faces to mesh geometry using a Catmull-Clark subdivision method.

Inputs – Уводи#

Mesh – Сіть

Standard geometry input.

Level – Рівень

The number of subdivisions to apply to the input geometry.

Складка на Ребрі – Edge Crease

Controls how smooth edges should be with Виважені Складки на Ребрах – Weighted Edge Creases.

Vertex Crease

Controls how much the subdivision surface should be pulled towards the vertex. Similar to edge creases, but allows individual vertices to be creased.

Properties – Властивості#

Згладження UV – UV Smooth

Controls how subdivision smoothing is applied to UVs.

None – Нема:

UVs remain unchanged.

Keep Corners:

UV islands are smoothed, but their boundary remain unchanged.

Keep Corners, Junctions:

UVs are smoothed, corners on discontinuous boundary and junctions of three or more regions are kept sharp.

Keep Corners, Junctions, Concave:

UVs are smoothed, corners on discontinuous boundary, junctions of three or more regions and darts and concave corners are kept sharp.

Keep Boundaries:

UVs are smoothed, boundaries are kept sharp.

All – Усе:

UVs and their boundaries are smoothed.

Boundary Smooth

Controls how open boundaries (and corners) are smoothed.

All – Усе:

Smooth boundaries, including corners.

Keep Corners:

Smooth boundaries, but corners are kept sharp.

Outputs – Виводи#

Mesh – Сіть

Standard geometry output.