Interpolation – Інтерполяція#

Інтерполювання – Interpolate#

Reference – Довідка

Mode – Режим:

Draw and Edit Modes

Tool – Засіб:

Toolbar ‣ Interpolate

Shortcut – Шоткат:


When you are animating simple shapes you can use the interpolate tool to automatically add new breakdown keyframes.

See Interpolate tool for more details.

Interpolate Sequence#

Reference – Довідка

Mode – Режим:

Draw and Edit Modes

Menu – Меню:

Header ‣ Interpolate

Shortcut – Шоткат:


Interpolate strokes between the previous and next keyframe by adding multiple keyframes. When you are on a frame between two keyframes and click the sequence button a breakdown keyframe will be added on every frame between the previous and next keyframe.

Step – Крок

The number of frames between generated interpolated frames.

Layer – Шар

Restrict the interpolation to Active or All layers.

Only Selected Edit Mode

При увімкненні лише вибрані штрихи будуть інтерполюватися.

Exclude Breakdowns

Exclude existing Breakdowns keyframes as interpolation extremes.

Flip Mode

Invert strokes start and end. Automatic will try to found the right mode for every stroke.

Smooth – Згладження

Amount of smoothing to apply to interpolated strokes for reducing jitter/noise.

Iterations – Ітерації

Number of time to smooth newly created strokes.

Type – Тип

Метод інтерполяції, використовуваний для послідовності.