Distribute Points in Volume

Distribute Points in Volume node.

The Distribute Points in Volume node creates points inside of volume grids. The node has two basic modes of operation: distributing points randomly, or in a regular grid. Both methods operate on all of the float grids in the volume.

Inputs – Уводи

Volume – Об’єм

Standard volume geometry input.

Щільність – Density

Number of points to sample per unit volume.

Інтервал – Spacing

Spacing between grid points.

Поріг – Threshold

Minimum value of a volume cell to contain a grid point

Properties – Властивості

Distribution Method
Random – Випадково:

Distribute points randomly inside of the volume. The local point count is implicitly defined as a product of the global from the Density input and the local voxel value. This method creates a distribution that is not stable as the input volume deforms.

Grid – Сітка:

Distribute the points in a grid pattern inside of the volume. At each grid point, the voxel value is used to determine whether to add a point.

Outputs – Виводи

Points – Точки

Standard point cloud geometry output.