Set Material Node

Set Material node.

The Set Material changes the material assignment in the specified selection, by adjusting the material_index attribute. If the material is already used on the geometry, the existing material index will be reused.


This node adjusts mesh, point clouds, and volume data; other data types do not support materials.

Inputs – Уводи

Geometry – Геометрія

Standard geometry input containing a mesh.

Material – Матеріал

The material to apply to the geometry.

Selection – Вибрання

Whether to change the material of each face. True values mean the material will be changed, false values mean it will remain the same.

Note, volumes and point clouds only support a single material, in these cases a field input will be ignored.

Properties – Властивості

Цей вузол наразі немає властивостей.

Outputs – Виводи

Geometry – Геометрія

Standard geometry output.