Strips – Смужки#

A strip tells the animation when something happens and for how long. There are a few different types which are described below.

Action Strips – Смужки Дій#

An action strip plays the keyframes inside an action. You can create one using Add ‣ Action. Another way is to click Push Down Action in the NLA’s Action Track – this will create a strip based on the object’s active action.

Multiple strips can reference the same action, so that you can potentially change multiple parts of the animation by editing a single set of keyframes.

A strip can be shorter than its underlying action, be it through cropping, speeding up, or both. It can also be longer than its underlying action, be it through extending, slowing down, or both. See the Sidebar for details.

Transition Strips – Смужки Переходів#

A transition strip interpolates between two neighboring action strips. Select them and click Add ‣ Transition.


Transition Strip – Смужка Переходу.#

Смужки «Звук» – Sound Strips#

These strips control when a Speaker – Гучномовець plays its sound clip.

Meta Strips – Мета Смужки#

A meta strip groups other strips together, letting you move, scale, and copy them as one combined unit.