Editing – Редагування

Transform – Трансформа

Reference – Довідка

Menu – Меню:

«Вузол > Переміщення, Оберт, Зміна розміру» – Node ‣ Move, Rotate, Resize

Shortcut – Шоткат:

G, R, S

You can move the selected node(s) by simply clicking and dragging any empty part on them. Alternatively, you can press G, move the mouse, and click LMB to confirm.

Dragging a node on top of an existing link will intelligently insert the selected node into the link path. This generally works by using the first socket that matches the link type. The automatic node attachment feature can be toggled with Alt. When a node is automatically attached the surrounding nodes will be shifted to the right or left depending on the T toggle; see Авто-Зсув – Auto-Offset for more information on this feature.

Загалом, рекомендується упорядковувати ваші вузли у межах огляду так, щоб потоки даних проходили зліва направо та зверху вниз.

The width of a node can be changed by dragging its left or right border.

Rotating (R) and scaling (S) only apply when you have multiple nodes selected and only affect the nodes“ positions.

З’єднання Роз’ємів – Connecting Sockets

LMB-click on a socket and drag. You will see a line coming out of it: this is called a link. Keep dragging and connect the link to an input socket of another node, then release the LMB.

While multiple links can route out of an output socket, typically a single link can be attached to an input socket, that is unless the input is a multi-socket input with looks like a pill shaped socket.

To swap multiple links of a similar type, press and hold Alt while moving a link. This feature also works when adding a new link into a pre-existing socket.

To reposition the outgoing links of a node, rather than adding a new one, hold Ctrl while dragging from an output socket. This works for single as well as for multiple outgoing links.

Nodes that have no connections can be inserted on a link by just move the node over the link and release when the link is highlighted.

Роз’єднування Роз’ємів – Disconnecting Sockets

Інтерактивно – Interactively

Drag the link away from its input socket and let it go, keeping it unconnected.

Copy/Paste – Копія/Вставка

Reference – Довідка

Menu – Меню:

«Вузол > Копіювання» – Node ‣ Copy, «Вузол > Вставлення» – Node ‣ Paste

Shortcut – Шоткат:

Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V

Не лише вибрані вузли, але також з’єднання між ними, копіюються у буфер обміну.


The pasted node will be placed in the same position as when it was copied. Use the same cautions as when duplicating.

Duplicate – Дублювання

Reference – Довідка

Menu – Меню:

«Вузол > Дублювання» – Node ‣ Duplicate

Shortcut – Шоткат:


Select one or more nodes, activate the menu item or press the key combination, then move the mouse to a new location and click LMB (or press Return) to place the duplicated node(s).


When you duplicate a node, the new node will be positioned exactly on top of the node that was duplicated. If you leave it there (and it is quite easy to do so), you can not easily tell that there are two nodes there! When in doubt, select a node and move it slightly to see if something is hidden underneath.

Duplicate Linked – Дублікат Пов’язано

Reference – Довідка

Menu – Меню:

Node ‣ Duplicate Linked

Shortcut – Шоткат:


Duplicate selected nodes, but not their node trees (in the case of group nodes), and move them.

Видалення – Delete

Видалення – Delete X, Delete

Видаляє вибрані вузол(ли).

Видалити з Перез’єднанням – Delete with Reconnect Ctrl-X

Deletes the selected node(s), then creates new links connecting their former input nodes to their former output nodes.

Mute – Приглушення

Reference – Довідка

Menu – Меню:

«Вузол > Перемкнути Приглушення Вузла» – Node ‣ Toggle Node Mute

Shortcut – Шоткат:


Muting a node removes its contribution to the node tree, and makes all links pass through it without change. Links will appear red as an indicator of passing through the muted node.


Individual node links can be muted with Mute Links.

Show/Hide – Показ/Схов

Схов – Hide H

Collapses the node so only the node header is visible. This can also be toggled by clicking the triangle on the left of the node header.

Перемкнути Передогляд Вузла – Toggle Node Preview Shift-H

Shows/Hides a preview region on the node that displays the frame after that node’s operation has been applied. This can also be toggled by clicking the material ball icon in the node header.


This operator are only available in the Compositor.

Перемкнути Схов Роз’ємів Вузла – Toggle Hidden Node Sockets Ctrl-H

Згортає/Розгортає будь-які роз’єми уводу або виводу, до яких не під’єднані жодні інші вузли.

Перемкнути Опції Вузла – Toggle Node Options

Показує/Ховає усі властивості вузла.

Згорнути і Сховати Невикористані Роз’єми – Collapse and Hide Unused Sockets

Застосовується до обох операцій, Toggle Hidden Node Sockets та Hide.

Layers – Шари

Читати Шари Рендера – Read Render Layers Ctrl-R

Reads all the current scene’s render layers from cache, as needed. This can be used to save RAM while rendering because the render layers do not have to be saved in RAM. And also for recovering some information from a failed render. Щоб це працювало, Cache Result – «Кеш Результату» повинно бути увімкнено.


This operator are only available in the Compositor.