Volume to Mesh Modifier

This modifier is the inverse of the Mesh to Volume modifier. It takes an existing volume object and converts one of its grids to a mesh. Only scalar grids (such as the density grid) can be converted.


To copy and move the generated mesh separately from the volume object, use a collection instance.

Options – Опції


The Volume to Mesh modifier.

Object – Об’єкт

The source volume object.

Grid Name

The name of the grid that will be converted. This has to be a scalar grid.

Resolution Mode

Mode for how the resolution of the final mesh is controlled.

Grid – Сітка

This makes the resolution dependent on the resolution of the grid that is converted. Higher resolution grids result in a higher resolution mesh. In many cases, that is the most efficient mode.

Voxel Amount

Specifies the approximate resolution of the final mesh. The voxel size is adapted to the size of the entire volume.

Розмір Вокселя – Voxel Size

Use a fixed resolution that does not change when the volume changes.

Поріг – Threshold

Voxels with a larger value are considered to be inside the mesh and all other voxels outside. The mesh will be generated on the boundary of inside and outside voxels. This is sometimes also called the «iso value».

Адаптивність – Adaptivity

This is similar to decimating the final to reduce resolution where it is not needed.

Smooth Shading – Згладжене Відтінювання

Enables smooth shading on the generated mesh.

Example – Приклад


Converting a cloud-shaped volume to a mesh.